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What is Double Vision RT?

Double Vision RT (DVRT) is a national multifaceted engine that creates, inspires, and drives success by combining the world of marketing, media, fashion, and entertainment to enhance your Real Time experience. We are a collection of your visions as to what is considered good relevant information in the Real Time world of fashion, media, marketing, and entertainment using a concept of how to showcase some of today's creative fashion and entertainment venue Double Vision RT is a company that has a connection to the community schools to help promote students that are going into the fields of marketing, media, fashion, and entertainment. While also developing their gifted minds and showcasing those who have the courage to be different and make their dreams into a reality. Double Vision RT offers a new approach to delivering client solutions that are relevant to them in real time. This allows our clients to have flexibility and the option to select their very own tools to a la carte around our newly developed marketing strategies, application and tools that deliver your marketing solution. This is what makes DVRT a clear choice to become your marketing partner.

Our Mission

Double Vision RT's mission is to be a multifaceted marketing engine that creates, inspires, and drive revenue success by combing the world of marketing, media, fashion, and entertainment within our "Real Time" marketing experience.

Our Pledge

Double Vision RT is a company that focuses on insuring that every Client, Customer, Visitors can expect a reasonable customer service experience before, during and after the sale. DVRT ensures that our value customer receives a desirable, pleasurable, and hassle free experience as they are navigating across our many marketing platforms. Double Vision RT and its affiliates promise to assure to you, our customer service pledge of delivering friendly, reasonable and quality service to ensure a reasonable expectation of good service. It is not something you should have to demand. It should be expected as a value added service.

Customer Service

Customer Service is any activity provided by a DVRT Employee or Affiliate that enhances the ability of a customer to realize the full potential value of a DVRT product or service before and after the sale is made, thereby leading to Customer Satisfaction and repurchase.

  • Recognize the importance of all customers and the role every DVRT employee plays in influencing the customer’s perceptions. While impacting these perceptions, be professional, reliable, credible, responsive and friendly.
  • Communicate promptly and honestly and via the customer’s choice of medium. Try to be brief and clear.
  • Be a voice for the customer. When rules and policies don’t make sense to our customer, challenge the way DVRT does business and seek opportunities for improvement.
  • When a problem arises, this is inevitable, view the problem as an opportunity for quality improvement. Solving problems will enable us to raise the quality of our products and services.
  • Listen well, be responsive and demonstrate a sense of urgency. Understand that how something is said has a significant influence on how it is received. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Strive to make it easy for the customer to do business with DVRT and ensure that DVRT remains its preferred supplier.

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Phone: (980) 213-8895

Double Vision RT

3126 Milton Rd
Ste 210
Charlotte, NC 28215