2Pac - All Eyez On Me Trailer

06/18/2016 19:01

The much anticipated Tupac Shakur biopic entitled â€˜All Eyez On Me’ will be released later this year. And in honor of the late rapper’s 45th birthday, the 'All Eyez On Me' production team premiered the first tra...

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Warm & Fly Men's Wear

11/05/2015 10:27

Alright, it's time to prepare for some Fall and Winter chills. As the weather cools down and brings on the frost bite and many inches of snow. How do you plan on staying FLY & WARM at the same time? What are your favorite brands to wear this time of y...

Category: Fashion

Chris Stapleton + Justin Timberlake = Amazing Performance

11/05/2015 44:25

Right after winning CMA's Best New Artist (Chris Stapleton) seems like a perfect time for a dream collaboration performance with one of the best artists of our generation (Justin Timberlake). Just in case you missed it. Check out this amazing pe...

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War on drugs

10/29/2015 19:40

Do you think that we can do more to help with the war on drugs

Category: World events

President for a day

10/29/2015 19:16

If you was President for a day which war would you end and why

Category: World events

Major banks customer service

10/29/2015 18:43

Which major bank do you think has good customer service


Category: Finance

Credit card for bad credit

10/29/2015 17:40

Do anyone really know a credit card company with good rates for someone that has bad credit (580) that you don't have to deposit your own money to get a card to rebuild your credit


Category: Finance

Saving money

10/29/2015 16:31

What's the best way to save and invest money without going to a bank or 401 plan

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Top Fall/Winter Trending Fashion

10/25/2015 50:58

From big belts and fun furs to cool capes and boots, the fall/winter 2015 season is filled with covetable clothing.

Ladies, it’s that time once again, to accentuate the waist with big bold belts. Although designers didn’t go u...

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How to create your own fashion look

10/25/2015 30:11

*Define your OWN personal style .

*Look and feel CONFIDENT!

*When shopping be savvy to make sure you select the best garments for your personal style and personality.

*Make sure it's comfortable.

*Select garments that can...

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Super Bowl Prediction

10/25/2015 47:36

What is your matchup prediction for Super Bowl 50?

Category: Sports

Favorite Album

10/25/2015 46:13

What's your favorite music album of 2015?

Category: Entertainment

Live in History

10/05/2015 52:03

If you could live at any time in history, when would it be? Why?...

Category: Lifestyle

What's your Passion

10/05/2015 50:46

What are you really passionate about? What really moves you, what makes you
happy and/or excited?

Category: Lifestyle

Travel for Young Professionals

10/05/2015 49:18

What's the best destination to travel for a young professionals between 23-30 with a budget of $1500?...

Category: Travel

Exercise From Home

10/01/2015 09:44

What exercises can I do at home when I can't get to the gym?...

Category: Health & Fitness

Organic Food

10/01/2015 09:20

Where can I buy health organic foods on a budget?...

Category: Health & Fitness

New Movies

10/01/2015 08:49

What new movie are you excited to see and haven't yet?

Category: Entertainment

Traveling Single

10/01/2015 08:20

I've heard Dominican Republic is a great Travel Experience for a single male/female; what do you think?...

Category: Travel

Google Nexus

10/01/2015 07:07

Is Google's new Nexus phone as good as the new iPhone or Galaxy?


Category: Technology

Windows 10?

10/01/2015 04:57

Should I upgrade my computer to Windows 10?


Category: Technology