Double Vision RT flagship has exclusive features for fashion, music, and child interactive learning tools. DVRT flagship was inspired and created on the foundation that DVRT is willing to display and share with consumers. Each flagship product has its own unique style and meaning for its brand. The brands were built on passion and knowledge of its product and service. DVRT flagships' have made a mark for other products and services found in DVRT marketplace. Take advantage and share your experience with our flagship as well as the marketplace.

Side Eye Application
This is an innovated proprietary mobile app and web interface that is partnered with wireless cameras and a large data host that will allow Real Time streaming of live events, concerts, dance clubs, restaurants, and other locations. Only those with a DVRT account will be able to stream this feed. There are different types of packages within the app that allow for different types of regions and venues to be selected. The Side Eye Application is compatible with Apple and Android OS devices.
Visage Couture

The Visage brand is a t-shirt line that gives the individual the ability to speak through fashion and express themselves without words.
"Facial expressions are worth a thousand words."

Dream Big Lifestyle

The Dream Big Lifestyle T-shirt Line is a Double DVRT flagship product brought to you by the Dream Big Lifestyle Company. The Dream Big Lifestyle Company is a brand of encouragement and empowerment. It represents the lifestyle of the ambitious, the adventurous, and the leaders of our generation. Through the convenience of the internet and social media, the Dream Big Lifestyle has become an internationally recognized t-shirt line and brand. Recognizing that making your dreams a reality takes hard work, the Dream Big Lifestyle promotes leadership, education, and character development. The Dream Big Lifestyle Company’s impact creates a life enhancing experience and gives the youth a blueprint to success.

I Inspire

The I-Inspire T-shirt line this line is an inspirational tool for the youth to receive positive messages and affirmations as wells as fit their trendy styling needs. I-Inspirer’s purpose is to impact the youth in our generation and the generations to follow in a positive way by:
Inspiring youth, Having a Positive message & Impacting the community


:CHAUSSURE is a boutique that is designed to bring out the elite and intriguing fashion side of any individual. At :CHAUSSURE the ambience is sure to be warming, sophisticated and inviting where the client will receive the unique and ultimate shopping experience. The client will be able to find the latest, different, and exotic style of shoes, various accessories, and apparel that will assist with making any style complete.
Welcome to :CHAUSSURE... "Where sumptuous rage meets extraordinary"


In an era where critics and rappers themselves jump to declare the death of hip hop, 25 year old Ruff has been breathing new life into the genre through his storytelling, will to connect with the people, and boundless on-stage energy. Listening to artists such as J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, wale, and following the career of Jay-Z, you can hear the impact they have on his music, but they don’t define who he is as an artist.

Born and raised in Rock Hill, S.C., Ruff has dreams bigger than the confines of his small hometown, literally. His music and Dream Big imprint have spread across the country. Dreaming even bigger, Ruff has become internationally known alongside the Dream Big Lifestyle widening its horizons to as far as Germany and the UK.

With that being said, the sky is not the limit for the Carolina native simply because there are no limits.

Wootie's World

Wootie's World is a fun interactive learning website that will help develop, strengthen, and challenge children ages 4 to 10 years of age. With the help of a kind friend, Wootie's world super hero "Power Kid" will teach and assist kids with unique and creative reading, writing, mathematical, and safety games. The interactive learning tools are designed to spark the willingness and enthusiasm to achieve goals and discover that all children are "Power Kids"!

Current Clients